Supervoy F1 Hybrid cabbage seeds - 30x seeds per packet - Harvests from Christmas and beyond!

Supervoy F1 hybrid cabbage seeds produce winter-tough bright green Savoy-type plants, with tender blistered leaves. Very attractive, fleshy and tasty it’s a delight to several senses. This is a great winter-hardy variety that shows good disease resistance and vigorous growth. Great news for UK home-growers who are at the mercy of variable winters and temperatures.

With F1 hybrid vigour, Supervoy is reliable and gives ample returns. To maximise this already excellent variety we recommend you grow your Supervoy cabbages in a sunny position.

You get 30 cabbage seeds in every pack – perfect for the average-sized vegetable plot. Just sow seeds as early as April under glass to transplant as young plants in their final position in June. Alternatively sow direct outdoors in May once the temperatures are on the up.

Expect harvests from December- just in time for the festive period and enjoy harvesting for the remains of winter.

Keep well watered and protect your crops from cabbage white butterfly and pigeons with netting during autumn. For you to enjoy the harvests of your hard work a bit of protection goes a long way so we recommend bird scarers and/or protective nets.

Sow indoors: Mid March to mid June

Sow outdoors: Mid April to end of May

Harvest: December to end of Feb