Sennen F1 Hybrid Ball Head cabbage seeds for a Spring harvest - 30x seeds per packet

Sennen F1 hybrid cabbageThe 'Sennen' F1 Hybrid cabbage seeds produce wonderful Spring cabbage plants. This is a new frost-hardy ball head cabbage that is the earliest cropping Primo-type, especially if given a little fleece protection during the harshest weather.

Our Sennen F1 hybrid seeds grow into large, heavy, solid cabbages with excellent crisp leaves

Excellent to sow in late July and August for overwintering crops that you can harvest in April, perfect timing for a home-grown harvest before planting up your summer cabbages.

Cabbage 'Sennen' is particularly sweet and crisp making it perfect for salads or coleslaw.

So sweet the pigeons find it delectable too, but with our protective fleece you'll be able to save the sweet crop for yourself.

Add 'Sennen' to sandwiches as a tasty equivalent to salad leaves, or as a convenient gluten-free equivalent to a tortilla wrap with tasty fillings.