Duncan F1 cabbage seeds - 80 seeds per pack

Duncan F1 cabbage seedsThe Duncan cabbage F1 Hybrid is probably the most versatile cabbage in the world! Sown in February this pointed variety is ready by mid-June, and whilst growing it provides a great windbreak for other crops nearby.

Successional sowings will give long-standing hearts through summer to October, leafy greens from October to March and hearted spring cabbages through to June. Get your sowing right and Duncan cabbage seeds provide mature plants all year round.

A row of cabbage Duncan will also act as a great windbreak to nearby tender crops or companion bedding nearby of marigolds or alyssum.

Nothing beats cabbages as far as versatility is concerned. With ballheaded, red, green and savoy, they have so many uses in the kitchen both in cooking and salads, making them the perfect home-grown crop.

Sow Indoors: February-April thinly ½in (1cm) deep in clean trays or modules of firm pre watered compost. Keep soil moist at all times.

Sow Outdoors: April-September thinly ½in (1cm) deep in a seed bed or clean module trays of firm pre watered compost. Keep soil moist at all times. Protect from frost.

Thin Out: 4in (10cm) apart.

Plant Out: March-October into the required harvest position 12in (30cm) apart with 12in (30cm) between each row when plants have 3-4 true leaves.

Harvest: June-October from February-July sowing. October-March as unhearted leafy greens from August-October sowing. March-June from August-September sowing.

Protect from Cabbage White Butterfly with netting.