Deadon F1 Hybrid cabbage seeds - 30x seeds per packet - a very cold hardy variety where freezing adds to the flavour

Deadon F1 hybrid cabbageDeadon F1 hybrid cabbage seeds produce plants with striking red-purple outer leaves and bright green inner. This is a very cold-hardy variety to which freezing only seems to improve the flavour and its red colour deepens producing medium-large firm heads with a delicious flavour.

Just a note: Freezing weather does add to certain plant's flavour in addition to some cabbages, for example: Brussels sprouts and parsnips.

Whether you are growing organic or not you will find that Deadon cabbage seeds produce heads that have truly savoyed, purple leaves over a tightly packed, lime green center. The 15-25cm (6-10”), slightly flattened heads are very cold hardy, and only become sweeter after hard frosts.

The colour also improves in cold weather. Its firm texture is matched by delicate flavour, making Deadon a British favourite. Chose from our selection of Summer and Autumn harvest cabbage seeds, and follow up with this attractive, delicious winter harvest wonder. Provide protection from late summer cabbage moths by growing under lightweight row cover. Winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit.