Varieties of Brussels sprouts and seeds

We list several of the best and most popular varieties of Brussels Sprout seeds. Before sowing - Brussels Sprouts require an initial sowing bed and also a growing bed for re-planting. Ensure that your plants are firmly in the ground so the winter winds don't move them.

Crispus F1 Hybrid sprout seeds: Sowing your seeds between March and April will provide you with excellent brussels sprouts which have a vigorous growth pattern and long standing ability. Beautiful tight, dark green buttons. 15 seeds per packet.

Flower Sprout seeds, F1 hybrid: Flower Sprout is a curly kale crossed with brussels sprout with a similar cropping time. An ideal winter veg, the flavour is more like Spring greens and the loose buttons are easy to pick. 30 seeds per packet.

Brodie F1 hybrid sprout seeds: A disease resistant brussels sprout which crops between November and March, so you have plenty for the festive season. Brodie has a non bitter taste and we recommend you harvest the whole stalk as the sprouts keep longer that way. 40 seeds per packet.

Ruby Crunch F1 hybrid sprout seeds: An incredible ruby red coloured brussels sprout, these are normally the first to crop - between October and December, and produce uniform plants that give crunchy bite sized sprouts. With luck you will still have enough left for the festive season. 30 seeds per packet.

Clodius F1 hybrid sprout seeds: Clodius is a disease resistant variety of brussels sprout and grown from seed this will have a superb flavour with solid, round sprouts. Clodius has good resistance to powdery mildew and ringspot. 30 seeds per packet.

Trafalgar F1 hybrid sprout seeds: Sow the seeds between the end of January and the end of April and they will produce heavy crops of easy-harvest firm buttons through the ideal sprouts Christmas harvest period. 40 seeds per packet.

Bright F1 hybrid sprout seeds: This is an early to mid-season sprout, maturing just under six months after transplanting and which will stand well from October to the end of November. 40 seeds per packet.