Ruby Crunch F1 Brussels Sprout seeds - 30 seeds per packet


Ruby Crunch F1 Brussels Sprout seedsRuby Crunch are the first F1 red sprout available in the UK, and the seeds produce uniform, reliable plants to give a harvest of crunchy, bite-sized sprouts. Ruby Crunch brussels sprouts thrive in cooler conditions and are hardy plants well suited to growing throughout the UK. This variety crops between October and early December.

Full sun to partial shade suits all sprouts, ideally with shelter from winter winds.  They need neutral to alkaline soil, firm enough to hold top heavy crops upright through winter.

Reduce risk of pests and disease by leaving four years before planting where other brassicas have grown. Brussel Sprouts need lots of nitrogen so growing in succession to a nitrogen fixing pea or bean crop will give them a good supply. Prepare soil in autumn by digging in compost or well-rotted manure, covering with weed matting to prevent heavy winter rain leaching nutrients away.

Growing Indoors: Sow seeds late March through to mid-April. You can sow singly in modules for transplanting, or in a well-prepared seedbed.

Growing Outdoors: Sow seeds in drills 2 - 3 cm deep and about 10 cm apart. Thin them to 6 – 7 cm once a few cm tall.

Harvesting: Depending on your chosen variety sprouts start budding at the bottom of stems from September onwards. Later varieties are harvested through to March. Sprouts are ready to pick when firm and around 3cm diameter, simply twist them off the stem.