Brodie F1 hybrid Brussels Sprout seeds - 40 Seeds per pack

Brodie F1 hybrid brussels sprout seedsWe believe that the Brodie brussels sprout seeds make the ideal sprouts for Christmas time. It has an exceptionally non-bitter flavour (even sold by Waitrose as a child-friendly sprout!). Brodie brussels sprouts are recognised by most of the supermarket chains. Harvest the whole stalk as the sprouts keep better for longer.
Brodie brussels sprout seeds grow into plants which are sweeter than most others and show good disease resistance to mildew, which means you have peace of mind that they’ll grow successfully without the fear of disease taking its toll on your well-kept plants. Harvest the whole stalk as the sprouts keep better for longer. When it comes to cooking let the children pop the sprouts off the stalks for fun.

We recommend you sow seeds outdoors in rich soil. Sow seeds in rich soil every 4 in (10cm) in a row. If you’re sowing in more than one row space rows 24in (60cm) apart to give your Brussels sprout plants room to grow.

Keep well-watered as soon as the seeds germinate and this will put your plants in good stead. If the area is affected by strong winds, simply prop up a cane nearby to your plant and attach the stem to the cane with string.

Enjoy your autumn to winter harvests of Brussels sprouts – saving you the expense and extra weight in your shopping bag.