Summer Purple broccoli seeds - 200 seeds per packet

Summer Purple broccoli seeds have proved to be a breeding breakthrough! The seeds have been specially bred for summer cropping - from late June to October, depending on sowing date and season.

Summer Purple broccoliBroccoli 'Summer Purple' produces high quality, well-coloured spears with good heat tolerance. A very high yielding and versatile variety.

Easy to grow, quick to prepare and very good for you!

Growing Summer Purple Broccoli is simple - Sow the seed thinly in drills and cover them over with soil, lightly firming with the head of the rake. Mark the row, labelling one end with the variety and sowing date. Keep the seed bed moist. Seedlings are ready to plant out when they are about 4in/10cm to 6in/15cm tall. Water the planting hole before firmly transplanting to their permanent position, 1in/2-5cm deeper than in the seedbed and 18in/45cm apart.

Our blend provides the longest summer cropping period

Sow Indoors: February-March thinly ½in (1cm) deep in clean trays or modules of firm pre watered compost. Keep soil moist at all times.

Sow Outdoors: March-June thinly ½in (1cm) deep in a seed bed or clean module trays of firm pre watered compost. Keep soil moist at all times.

Thin Out: 4in (10cm) apart.

Plant Out: April-July into the required harvest position 18in (45cm) apart with 24in (60cm) between each row. Protect plants from frost.

Harvest: June-October

Protect from Cabbage White Butterfly with netting. Sow little and often for extended cropping periods.