Spring Rapini Broccoli seeds | 500 seeds per packet

The Spring Rapini variety of broccoli seed turns to a harvestable crop in 60 days! Cropping within just 60 days, makes it a very early variety of broccoli. Used worldwide for its superior flavour, all parts of this variety are edible; including the thinnings for baby-leaf salads and green-budded florets for sautéing.Spring Rapini broccoli

Spring Rapini is a culinary delight and quick to grow sprouting broccoli. Grown and used in the finest eateries in the world for its rich and unique flavour. All parts of the plant are edible, eat thinnings as baby leaf salad and allow some plants to mature.

Its green budded florets are simply harvested by pinching off and eating raw straight from the garden in salads or sautéed. Sow little and often for long term supply. Each plant will throw smaller side shoot florets after the initial pick.  Rich in vitamin A, C and beta carotene which are important to antioxidants.

Height – 20cm

Spread – 20cm

Sowing depth – 1cm

Sowing distance 2cm