Brokali Endeavour seeds | winter cropping | 50 seeds per packet

If you look at things this way then every packet of Brokali Endeavour seeds gives you 50 plants. That’s a great way to make savings from your food shopping.

Brokali Endeavour seedsBrokali Endeavour is an exciting exclusive variety for autumn and winter harvest. It has good tolerance to the cold temperatures of the British Winter and will produce an impressive yield of long stemmed florets after most other main crop varieties of broccoli.

The flavour and texture is sweeter and more succulent than standard Broccoli and is ideal for stir fries and tempura, and the stems are great for steaming providing you with Winter long supplies

To get the most out of Endeavour we recommend you harvest by cutting the main head when it’s the size of an egg, then the side stems will produce more florets on the plant lower down. Once these are harvested, yet more will appear and the process can continue for about two months.

By cropping in this way you can enjoy melt-in-the mouth and delicious stems over a long period. For the very best results from your brassicas use pre-planting Brassica Fertiliser to give the roots of your crops a boost of nutrients in the winter months.