The Sutton broad bean seeds have the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit

The Sutton broad bean seeds produce dwarf plants off an Autumn or Spring sowing - 65 seeds per pack.

The Sutton broad bean seedsGet hold of broad bean 'The Sutton' F1 hybrid for your own plot, garden or allotment when you're short of space or just need to fill in a gap between other plants. This is the perfect broad bean for small or exposed gardens on account of the bushy, compact plants. Sow The Sutton broad bean seeds for a super tasty crop of home grown veg and watch them grow to a very manageable 15 to 18 " tall (35-45 cm).

The Sutton seeds will provide you with an abundance of delicious, tender broad beans - the beans themselves are an attractive creamy green colour, paler then many other varieties making this variety unique. The Royal Horticultural Society gives 'The Sutton' the recognition it deserves with an Award of Garden Merit.

We recommend you sow 'The Sutton' seeds under cloches as early as February to produce really early crops which you can be enjoying from as early as May.

Sow indoors: Mid Jan to mid March

Sow Outdoors: Mid Feb to end of May OR mid Sept to end of Dec

Plant outdoors: Mid March to end of May

Harvest: Sept to end of Aug