Sciabola Verde broad bean seeds

The Sciabola Verde broad bean seed variety produce pods with 8 or 9 beans each at an ideal time for early harvesting to fully capture the fine flavour and tenderness qualities.

Sciabola Verde broad bean seedsSciabola Verda is vigorous spring-sown, longpod variety of broad bean that produces pods up to a whopping 40cm (16in) in length with up to 10 beans per pod, and this variety has been awarded the
Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit.

These easy to grow, exclusive Sciabola Verde broad beans are a real treat for early summer and are worth picking as soon as ready, when young and tender.

The unique flavour of the Sciabola Verda bean is perfect when hot from boiling or steaming but we recommend that you just serve them warm as part of a fresh and healthy bean salad. In every packet you receive 60 seeds to give you a potential crop of hundreds of pods to enjoy through the summer.

If you have grown more than you can eat then this variety retains its flavour well when frozen, or hand some out to your neighbours who will no doubt appreciate the gesture.

Sow Indoors: February-March, singly in clean pots or modules of compost 2in (5cm) deep. Water well.

Sow Outdoors: March-April, direct into the required harvest position, 2in (5cm) deep, 8in (20cm) apart in double rows 8in (20cm) apart. Leave 18in (46cm) between each double row. Keep soil moist at all times.

Plant Out: Indoor raised crops in April 8in (20cm) apart in double rows 8in (20cm) apart. Leave 18in (46cm) between each double row.

Harvest: June-August

Run strings both sides along the double row at 12in (30cm) and 24in (60cm) from the ground, supporting stems as they grow. Pick young for best flavour.