Meteor Vroma broad bean seedsMeteor Vroma broad bean seeds - Recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society

The main sowing time for Meteor Vroma broad bean seeds is in the Spring, but it is also a good early-cropping variety, ready with big pods to harvest as early as May, having overwintered well from an autumn sowing. Broad Bean Meteor Vroma seeds produce long, well-filled pods with tender Broad Beans of good flavour. Get that early crops of very large beans from an Autumn sowing then!

Broad Beans prefer a sunny position with shelter from strong winds and a rich, moisture retentive, well-drained soil. We recommend that you prepare the planting site in advance (a few weeks before sowing) by digging over and incorporating good compost, leaf mould or Organic Extra.

Sow in a staggered double row to optimise your space; this packet of seeds provide you with enough seed to sow a 4.5m (15ft) double row.

Sow Indoors: February-March, singly in clean pots or modules of compost 2in (5cm) deep. Water well.

Sow Outdoors: March-April, direct into the required harvest position, 2in (5cm) deep, 8in (20cm) apart in double rows 8in (20cm) apart. Leave 18in (46cm) between each double row. Keep soil moist at all times.

Plant Out: Indoor raised crops in April 8in (20cm) apart in double rows 8in (20cm) apart. Leave 18in (46cm) between each double row.

Harvest: June-July

Run strings both sides along the double row at 12in (30cm) and 24in (60cm) from the ground, supporting stems as they grow. Pick young for best flavour.