De Monica broad bean seeds for fast maturing plants - Autumn or Spring sowing - 45 seeds per pack

De Monica is a dual-sow, disease-resistant variety of broad bean which can be sown to overwinter for your earliest spring crops or left until spring if that suits your growing plan. De Monica bean seeds produce quick to mature plants and in addition are great for adding much needed nitrogen to the soil, and as they are so fast growing they will be one of the earliest cropping broad beans in your garden.De Monica broad bean seeds

De Monica broad bean seeds produce plants that grow to a height of 1m (3 1/2 ft), and De Monica also provides a natural wind break for nearby tender crops. When your beans are young they can be picked from the pod and eaten raw. They are also recommended for freezing.

We recommend that you grow cabbages and leafy vegetables next year in the same part of the plot as you grow broad bean De Monica this year - that's because De Monica encourages leaf-friendly nitrogen into the soil while it's producing lots of the delicious pods.

De Monica beans are also one of the most versatile of vegetables, working beautifully in risottos, pasta, and salads. The plants produce a heavy yield with 5 to 6 very large, succulent white/light green beans in hang down pods.

and the young beans are plucked from the pod, they are so tender they can also be eaten raw. Recommended for home freezing.

Sow Indoors: Mid December to mid February
Sow Outdoors : October, November - March, April, May
Plant Outdoors : Mid February to mid May
Harvest : Mid April to end of August