Varieties of beetroot grown in the UK

Bolthard - As the name suggests, this variety has a high resistance to bolting, and so is one of the better beetroot strains for early sowing. Beetroot bolthardy produces beets with an excellent sweet flavour, smooth skin and tender flesh. 1450 seeds per packet.

Baby Beet Action - An F1 hybrid bolt resistant beet. Baby beets are the sweetest of all and this one is the best! Sow them thickly and they will still keep their round shape. - 380 seeds per packet

Beetroot Salad Mix - These are the No Cook beetroot with big seeds for easy sowing and you get 170 seeds per packet. This variety has been specially selected and blended to produce the sweetest, soft hearted beets so that they can be picked and eaten straight from the garden without cooking. Great for summer salads.

Burpee's Golden - A sweet and flavoursome variety of beetroot, and very attractive when added to a Summer salad - 100 seeds per packet.

Chioggia - A bolt resistant beetroot variety which has attractive concentric rings. These are sweet, tender and succulent with nutritious leaves. Perfect for steaming - 300 seed per packet.

Cylindra - Sow these long, cylindrical beets around the end of March. The shape of this beet makes it perfect for slicing. It stores well and keeps its sweet flavour all season - 450 seeds per packet.

Monika- A bolt resistant monogerm beetroot variety needing less thinning than the norm. Delicious young  as baby beets and slow to bolt even when weather stressed - 200 seeds per packet

Pablo F1 hybrid - Perfectly rounded roots for easy preparation in the kitchen, and you can opt to harvest as baby beets or wait until they are larger with a stronger flavour - 300 seeds per packet.

Solo F1 hybrid - A special monogerm variety which means no thinning as they grow.