Monika beetroot seeds, F1 hybrid, bolt resistant 200 seeds per packet

Monika beetrootMost beetroot seeds are "cluster" seeds which means that they produce several small plants per seed, and as a result they need to be thinned.

The Monika beetroot is a monogerm variety i.e. one seed per seed case which means there is no need for thinning to make for easy growing. Delicious young as sweet baby beets, and slow to bolt even when weather-stressed. These are Great for sowing little and often for an extended season. Monika beetroot seeds are also suitable for raised beds or containers

A good crop to grow in full sun in containers or in the ground. Just ensure they have a well-draining yet fertile soil and you’ll get good yields from early summer to well into autumn.

Sow seeds every few weeks to extend the harvest season and you’ll get a manageable number of crops over time, rather than a glut all at once.