Chioggia beetroot seeds - 300 seeds per packet

Beetroot Chioggia seed produces what is probably the most beautiful of beetroots with it's concentric circles of dark pink & white flesh that are a real talking point when used raw, especially on a gourmet plate and/or mixed with other red beetroot. Before cooking this beet round in shape and with a light red outer skin though the inner fades to a light pink when cooked through.Chioggia bolt resistant beetroot

These attractive ‘bullseye’ centres are great and fun for getting children eating good, wholesome foods. Definitely a variety to grow in your vegetable plot. Ensure you have a free draining yet fertile soil and you’ll get good crop all summer long and into autumn.

Roots are sweet, tender and succulent, and the leaves, equally delicious, are perfect for steaming and this variety will brighten up any salad plate.

Sow outdoors: End of February to end of August

Harvest: End of May to end of November