Burpee's Golden beetroot seeds - 100 seeds per packet

Burpee's Golden beetroot seeds produce something a little different from the usual red beet: uniformly spherical beets with rich golden, succulent centres. The leaves can also be used in cooking; just steam the leaves as you would spinach. The beets themselves turn a golden yellow colour when cooked.Burpees Golden beetroot

Burpees Golden has a sweet taste and is tender, even when picked large. The leaves are light green and can be steamed or used raw in mixed salads. Sow little and often and you will be picking the roots over several months from end of June onwards.

Just sow seeds in pots or directly in the ground from March to August and you’ll get good healthy compact crops growing to about 30cm (12in). A great crop to grow if you’re short of space.

Grow in full sun in fertile yet well-drained soil and you can expect lovely crops that will impress guests when added to salad dishes.

Sow Outdoors: Mid Feb to mid Aug

Harvest: End of May to mid Nov