Beetroot Bolthardy seeds - 1450 seeds per packet

Beetroot Boltardy seeds and plants are true gardeners favourites, so without a doubt this is the variety for early sowing due to its resistance to bolting. This tried and tested variety has beets with an excellent sweet flavour, smooth skin and deep red tender flesh.

Bolthardy beetroot seedsSeeds can be sown closer together to produce wonderfully tender baby beets.

Row Spacing

12in / 30cm

Sowing distance

4in / 10cm


Sufficient for 100ft / 30m Row

SOW OUTDOORS - March-July, thinly, direct into the required harvest position, 1in (2½cm) deep in rows 12in (30cm) apart.  Keep soil moist at all times.

GROW ON - Thin seedlings to 4in (10cm) apart. For baby beets, thin to 2in (5cm)

TIP - Bolt resistant varieties can be sown early, as soon as the soil begins to warm up or under cloches.  Use thinnings as baby leaf. Use fleece to protect crop from frost or cold wind. Twist off the tops to prevent "bleeding".