Baby beet Action beetroot seeds | F1 hybrid, bolt resistant - 380 seeds per packet

Get baby beets Baby Action F1 hybrid seeds to produce smooth-skinned, round beets which are wonderfully tender and are ideal for growing in patio pots. Babay Beet Action

Sown thickly the beets will retain their round shape as they develop. Begin harvesting beets when they are about 2.5cm (1in) in diameter for deliciously sweet and tender crops. We recommend you pull a 'pilot' beetroot at the end of the row to check.

Beetroot Baby Action is bolt resistant, great news for those that live in exposed sites or where the weather is variable. Changeable weather can stress plants out causing them to go to seed (bolting) at the expense of producing good roots. A bolt-resistant variety stops this from happening.

Harvest your beets when they are young for the best flavour. Sow Beetroot 'Baby Action' seeds little and often to extend the harvest period.

Row Spacing
12in / 30cm

Sowing distance
2in / 5cm