Aubergine Ophelia seeds - 8 seeds per packet


Aubergine seeds, also known as eggplant seeds, come from the same family as tomatoes and this means that they have the same growing needs, so if you have successfully grown tomatoes in the past then you will have no problems with Aubergines.

Aubergine seeds OpheliaThere is no doubt that Aubergines need warmth when growing, but with a bit of care and attention you will have superb home grown Aubergines even if we don't have the hottest of summers.


We suggest sowing your seeds in a propagator if you have one, or, failing that, in a sunny windowsill or greenhouse. We also suggest that you grow these plants inside as they are not hardy by any means.


Aubergine Ophelia is a very decorative baby-fruited Aubergine variety and it produces an abundance of beautiful, glossy, dark purple fruits of just 50-60g each - roughly the size of hens eggs.

These Aubergine plants are compact and perfectly suited to growing on a sunny patio - depending where you live! We find that some plants may flourish in the south but may well struggle in the midlands and north.

Aubergines need to be kept well watered and should be fed regularly once fruits start to swell using Tomato food.

Sow indoors January to April

Plant outdoors mid April to the end of June

Harvest June to end of September