Aubergine Moneymaker F1 seeds - 30 aubergine seeds per packet


Aubergine Moneymaker F1 generation hybrid seeds produce excellent quality aubergine plants which give reliable results all from the comfort of your home or vegetable patch. Moneymaker seeds have proved to be prolific and are happy to be inside or out, though should you live in a cold climate we suggest growing inside will give the best results.


Aubergine Moneymaker seedsBeing purple Aubergine Moneymaker is naturally high in antioxidants which is great news for those wanting to boost their immune system. We recommend you grow Moneymaker as part of a great Mediterranean collection including tomatoes and basil. All these foods are proven to be super healthy and the Mediterranean diet one of the healthiest in the world.

This variety of aubergine is well suited to greenhouse growing but will fruit when grown in large pots on a warm and sunny patio. With outstanding fruit quality, Moneymaker is a prolific cropper and is easy to grow.

Your Aubergine plants need to be kept well watered and should be fed regularly with Tomato Food once fruits start to swell.


Sow indoors January to April

Plant outdoors mid April to the end of June

Harvest Junt to end of September