Violet Globe Artichoke seeds - 25 seeds per packet


Artichoke seeds produce perennial plants which are beautiful enough to grow in the flower border, and these will produce more heads each successive year. Violet globe artichoke seeds can be sown in either seedbeds or in pots of compost in a warm environment, so if you have a propagator you can sow your seeds between Februaary and April to obtain the best results. We suggest putting two to three seeds Violet Globe Artichokes grown from seedper station and 25-30 cm (up to a foot) between rows.


If you don't have a propagator then a sunny windowsill or a greenhouse are nearly as good.


The Violet Globe Artichoke will produce an abundance of tender and flavourful purple heads year after year, similar to many other Artichokes but these have a finer flavour. Transplant in June to crop autumn and the following May/June OR sow direct in March/April for cropping the following year.


From then on just keep them weed free and you will have masses of Globes for fine dining for years to come.