Raised beds in brick or wood


We make raised garden beds for a variety of reasons; it may be that you have a bad back and don?t want to bend or kneel down to garden level or it may be that you appreciate the fact that a raised bed will give your plants so much more growing space as it allows them to grow downwards in good soil rather than growing sideways and fighting for space with your other crops.

Having the extra depth the raised bed gives means you can plant much closer together so, therefore, you will end up with a much larger crop, and being much higher that the surrounding ground they are easier to weed.

Brick built raised bed - covered in frost

Brick built raised bed


Building your raised beds

We have built all ours with bricks for sheer longevity but we acknowledge that this is the slowest and most expensive way of doing it. I just had some spare cash at the time and thought brick built beds would look better. In our garden I it a good idea to fence each bed off with plastic netting to keep the foxes and badgers from digging them up every night.


We should all learn to live with nature as much as possible but we sometimes have to take steps to stop larger animals digging for earthworms without hurting them on their nightly foraging.

Using railway sleepers
Reclaimed wood for a raised bed
reclaimed wood for a raised bed


If you can get hold of old railway sleepers then you are lucky but even so they will cost quite a lot though they should last a lifetime. Sleepers are easy to use and all you have to do is to ensure they stay upright by hammering stakes into the ground to keep them in place.

If you are unable to buy old railway sleepers then there are several companies who sell used ones or even new ones which have been treated against rot.

We know from experience that using raised vegetable beds will allow you to grow a better crop.