Garden preparation time for planting vegetables...


Yes, it's nearly time to plant your veg again so this is the time to prepare your soil if you didn't have the chance late last year. Luckily we made the time last Autumn but even so some weeds have managed to survive the winter and needed pulling out, so I went over the patch shown below and removed as many stones and weeds as possible.

A back garden plot recently weeded
Back garden plot

The far end of this patch has had very little manure or compost on it over the past 12 months so it will be ideal for our parsnips, and the foreground which has been heavily manured will be fine for a few hundred beetroot plants.


To properly prepare your garden for planting vegetables you really should have given it some attention the previous Autumn by turning over the soil and adding some rich compost or rotted manure. However, you can still add it now to feed this year's crop, better late than never.

Prepared and weeded raised bed
Main raised vegetable bed

In the pic to the right is one of our raised beds which is approx 16' x 8', all of which has been dug over and weeded before planting roughly 400 onions this Spring.The foreground shows a darker patch which has much more manure on it waiting to be dug in for a row of runner beans in May/June.


I cannot stress the value of a well prepared garden, whatever the rest of it looks like, so long as the soil is kept in tip top condition you should have a superb crop of whatever you intend to grow.