DIY Raised Beds - how to make a cheap raised bed.


Most gardeners prefer to have a raised bed or two in their veg plot but they are quite expensive if you buy them from garden centres, though I have to say the bought ones can be longer lasting than DIY raised beds because they have most probably have access to better wood supplies than most of us.


However, I made mine for the cost of a handful of screws, several coats of preservative and lots of wood which was scrounged from family members.

Oblong raised bed 











Wood is expensive these days so a word with friends, neighbours and family may just work in your favour because no one knows what they have stored in sheds and garages.


OK well, once you have your materials you need to mark out the area your DIY raised bed will take up in your plot. That done you can start on some basic woodwork, but I always dig out that area an make sure the soil is good enough to use. When you've sited the bed you will need to fill it with some good soil and compost.


The next image (below) is a more standard affair but both of these were made to fit in certain parts of my vegetable garden.Standard size DIY raised bed

Being able to make it to a certain size is a huge advantage for a gardener and something not possible when buying a raised bed from a shop or garden centre.