Cheap gardening ideas

Most of us have a garden of some description, but is that garden just as you would like it, or is it a chore? You may have laid most of it down to grass to cut down on the work so that you can mow it now and then in season and then forget it for a week.

OK, that?s fine as we have to admit that gardening isn?t for everyone but you could easily and very cheaply make yours interesting and something to be proud of, and all for just a few pounds if you do it yourself. Doing that may even spur you on to love your garden more.

We acknowledge that garden centres are mega expensive but there are ways to make your patch into something that will be the envy of your neighbours without visiting a large store and spending on things you can pick up for peanuts.  This is called gardening on a budget, or scrounging from friends and neighbours! 

This broken chimney
pot cost just ?5
Broken chimney pot cost ?5

Keep an eye open whenever you go out for the day and see what other people have done to their front gardens. Pinch their ideas, and if you can see them then compliment them on their efforts & tell them you are considering doing something similar but you haven?t got the necessary bits and pieces to complete it. You never know what the other gardener may give you to help out.

Gardeners are a helpful bunch in general and I have lost count of bits and pieces I have given away to help someone else, so others may be as generous to you if you are friendly towards them.  

We were having a day out in Whitby earlier this year (2015) and my wife saw this broken chimney pot lying forlornly in a garden so she sent me to ask if we could buy it. To cut a long story short the owners, who we had never met before, asked us to stay for lunch where we chatted about this and that and came away with the broken chimney pot for ?5.

OK, it?s broken but we have all the bits and I will be gluing it together in the near future, but what we have here is an item that would have cost in the region of ?80 or more had it been in decent condition, but seen from the roadside no one will ever know it has been damaged and mended


That is just one instance of cheap ideas for your garden but there are masses more and we show some more on another page