Allotment gardening in Walkley, Sheffield


Lee & Jayne have very recently taken on a very rundown allotment in Walkley on the outskirts of

Jayne digging the allotment in Sheffield
Jayne digging in the Sheffield allotment

Sheffield in South Yorkshire, and we shall be following their efforts throughout the season. As you can see by the photos here there is a deal of work to be done. For some local knowledge of the immediate area please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Lee and Jayne both have full time jobs and in addition to that Lee is also studying for a science degree so time is short for both of them. At this stage though they are still clearing what was, in effect, a wilderness so planting is a long way down the list yet.

Lee in the Sheffield allotment
Lee in the Sheffield allotment


Now we shall be following this intrepid pair and helping with advice when required, though as this allotment is their first attempt at any gardening we shall be helping out only when asked.


this allotment in Walkley is rented from the local council for circa ?87 per year, and this amount covers water as well. Lee and Jayne have inherited a shed on the land as well as several 45 gallon plastic drums for gathering rainwater.


They have a hose pipe connection from the mains in case of a dearth of rainfall so all in all they won't be short of water during 2015.


What will they be growing in this new allotment? Well we know that runner beans are a certainty as are lots of onions, garlic, parsnips and we understand some potatoes if they have enough land cleared in time.


They have already built some raised beds but unfortunately the photos we received weren't quite good enough to show so they will feature in another page later in the season.


Walkley history


Walkley Bank Allotments overlook and are on the edge of the historic Rivelin and Loxley Valleys. They are famous for their abundance of 15th to 19th century scythe/saw/knife-making mills and mill wheels. Loxley Valley is the one that got taken out with the 'Great Sheffield Flood' of 1864 when the Dale Dyke Dam burst at Bradfield.