Sweet Chilli - Big Banana F1 Hybrid seeds

We are breaking away from tradition by deciding to grow some sweet peppers as well as all the mega hot ones which we have dabbled with for some years. This decision was easily made when a friend gave me an unopened packet of 50 Sweet Big Banana seeds, so waste not want not, I have decided to give them a go. These sweet peppers have thin skins and will produce an abundance of deep red coloured fruits up to 25 CMs long (10"). Photo below.


Big Banana sweet chilli pepperYou will no doubt find other websites saying "Ideal For:patio, kitchen garden, greenhouse, conservatory etc" which is all very well if your part of the country enjoys warm weather 24/7, but most of us find that the UK weather system doesn't often give us that luxury so that is why I recommend that you grow them inside on a sunny windowsill or in a greenhouse to avoid disappointment.


That way you can start your seeds off in January/February for them to produce fruits from July to Christmas. Start them off in a shallow tray of good quality sieved compost - roughly 1/2 an inch or 13 mm which has been pre-watered. Pop your seeds in and cover with a thin layer of damp compost. If you have an electric propagator then your seeds should germinate in 7 to 10 days.


If you do not have a propagator then place the tray in a sunny position and cover it with cling film or bubble wrap. It will take a little longer for them to germinate this way. Either way, keep the compost moist and do not let it dry out.

When the plants have developed 4 leaves you can carefully transplant them into their own small pots. Feed with a decent liquid fertiliser or tomato food.


You will need to  transplant at least once more until the last time which should be into the largest pot you can find. Feed weekly when the fruits start to appear.


If you have access to some organic farmyard manure then I recommend adding a healthy dose of it into the bottom of the last (largest) pot.


You can use the Big Banana sweet chillies in salads or cut them in half longways, stuff them and cook. The chilli shown here is not 10 inches long as my wife cooked all the large ones before I had a chance to photo them.

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