Sweet Pepper Summer Salad Improved Mix - 12 seeds per packet


Sweet  Pepper Summer Salad improved mixThe Sweet Pepper Summer Salad Improved Mix is a half-hardy annual bell pepper. It is easy for anyone to grow and when sown between mid February to mid April you should be harvesting a vibrant mix of fruiting varieties from mid June to mid October.

It was thought that we were unable to do any better than the original Summer Salad, but we've re-assessed this selection of hybrids for even better greenhouse and garden performance. Sweet Pepper Summer Salad Mix consists of a the vibrant mix of lemon yellow, green, brown, orange and red fruiting varieties, but promises even better yields of both thick and thin walled fruits to suit stuffing, roasting, stir frying and salad use. One tasty mix to suit and highly coloured salads.

Height: 100cm (39"). Spread: 50cm (20").

The Sweet Pepper Summer Salad Improved Mix love being placed in full sun and is ideal for patio, kitchen garden, greenhouse or conservatory.

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