Sweet chilli pepper Thor F1 Hybrid - 10 seeds per packet


The Sweet Pepper Thor, an F1 Hybrid half-hardy annual, produces lots of large, long, easy to grow peppers from the 10 seeds in your ordered packet.
Thor F1 sweet chilli pepperSweet pepper Thor F1 Hybrid Thor is a tasty variety whose seeds gradually change from green to a glossy vibrant red and which can reach lengths of up to 25cm (10"). Sweet Pepper Thor is a prolific cropper throughout the summer if grown in the greenhouse, or a slightly later crop if grown in a sheltered, sunny spot outdoors.

Sweet and crisp, the sweet pepper Thor is delicious in salads or sliced lengthways and grilled or barbecued.

Height: 150cm (59"). Spread: 60cm (24").

We do not necessarily agree with some of the larger seed companies about growing chillies outside. Yes, they will grow outdoors and may well look pretty, but unless we have another 2018 summer or you live in the south of the country they won't produce the amount of fruits that they would have if grown inside or in the greenhouse.

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