Sweet Pepper Mini Bell Improved Mix seeds


The sweet pepper Mini Bell Improved Mix is a half-hardy, easy to grow Bell Pepper which comes in packets of 6 seeds.

Sweet Pepper Mini Bell Improved MixThe Mini Bell is the latest breeding development in mini sweet peppers and it comes to you all the way from the USA. You will find that this three colour mix of orange red and chocolate, just gets better and better. The mature plants are a wonder to behold.

Each plant produces small but stocky, blocky fruits, ideal for UK greenhouse, conservatory and patio growing. What's more, the bigger the pot you give them, the bigger they get and the heavier they crop.

For easy maintenance we recommend planting in a 2 litre pot to keep plants at around 1m (3') high. Well branched plants produce high numbers of deliciously sweet mini peppers for snacking, lunchboxes, salads and stir fries.

Height: 35cm (14"). Spread 35cm (14").

The sweet pepper Mini Bell Improved Mix loves a place in the full sun, and though all the larger seed producers state that these plants are fine on your patio, that depends entirely upon the climate where you live. In the Midlands and north chilli peppers grown outside produce roughly 50% of the crop you will get if grown in a sunny place inside of in your greenhouse.

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