Sweet Pepper Lunchbox Mix seeds - 6 seeds per packet


The Sweet Pepper Lunchbox Mix F1 Hybrid peppers are the ideal Bell Peppers to provide healthy snacks which you can pick fresh from your window sill or conservatory as and when you wish. These half-hardy annual plants are easy to grow on the patio, kitchen garden, greenhouse, conservatory or just on a sunny window sill.


Sweet pepper Lunchbox Mix - 6 seeds per packetThompson & Morgan have put together a sunny mix of mini sweet peppers for you to grow the ideal healthy summer snack and lunch box treat from seed. Pick the vibrant peppers straight from a sunny windowsill as and when you need them. Sowing time is from Mid February to mid April, and you can harvest from mid May to the end of September.

These small but heavy yielding plants are perfect hanging basket crops for sunny balconies and patios too. All fruits in the mix start green, eventually turning a mix of yellow, red and orange. The small fruits have a high sugar level for a natural sweet flavour and are a high source of vitamin C. For the longest harvest through to autumn grow on a sunny windowsill or greenhouse.

Height 90cm (36"). Spread 45cm (18").


NB These sweet peppers love to have a place in full sun for them to give of their best.


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