Sweet pepper Firebell seeds | a bell pepper a delicate heat with 6 seeds per packet


The sweet pepper Firbell lies in that grey area between sweet and a chilli with some heat. it is termed as a sweet pepper but has a teeny little bit of heat - enough to give a taste to your salads, stuffed peppers and casseroles a warm heat without blowing your head off!

Firebell seedsThe Firebell grows to around 4 feet tall(1.2m) so you will need a sizeable container to get the best from this plant. Chilli plants all need large containers if you wish to maximise the crop. If that isn't a concern then pop it into a smaller pot and  nature will alter its growth accordingly.   

As for locating the Firebell we suggest a sunny windowsill or greenhouse and then watch these pepper plants give you vibrant lovely fruits to pick for salads and sauces. With a little heat, you'll appreciate a tang and get the mood-enhancing elements from a chilli-pepper but without it being too much.


Sowing Firebell seeds


You have 6 seeds, and knowing chillies well we suggest that among those 6 you will have at least one duff and one weak, so pop two or three into a small container which has 10 mm of damp compost in it. Cover the seeds with no more than 2 more mm's and place the pot in a sunny position - windowsill, conservatory or greenhouse and wait for the seedlings to emerge.

Once the seeds germinate keep watering daily but keep them damp, not wet! When the seedlings have about two leaves leaves, remove all seedlings except the stongest one to grow on into a pepper-producing plant.  


Sow Firebell seeds between mid January and mid April. You should be able to harvest the fruit between mid June to the end of October.

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