Grow your own Sweet chilli peppers from seed


NB: Declaration:  We are affiliate partners with some large seed merchants so there are some links from our pages to theirs - we have to declare that fact these days.


Sweet peppers are normally far larger than their "hot" counterparts, some of which have just a taste of heat whereas others will literally blow your mind, but we will advise you on that when we get to them.


With sweet peppers being naturally larger than hotter varieties it follows that there will be less of then per plant. They are easy to grow and if you get 10 fruits per plant then you can count that result as a good crop in most cases.


We often stress in our pages that your best crops will come from plants grown inside, either in a sunny windowsill, conservatory or your greenhouse. Seed merchants frequently state that "xxxx chilli makes an ideal plant for the patio." However, we know very well that it all depends on where you live. We are in the middle of Derbyshire and growing chilli peppers outside will get you half of the normal crop - if you're lucky.


Further north than here would be a complete No No but you may fare far better if you live in the south.


The sweet chilli pepper seeds and plants we show on our pages are:


Big Banana Cabeneros F1 sweet chilli

Summer salad

Sweet pepper mini Bell

Lunchbox mix


Firebell seeds



Cabeneros F1


Thor F1