Sweet pepper Diablo F1 seeds


The Diablo F1 Hybrid is a delicious and award-winning Ox-horn type pepper which produces lots of attractive ruby-red fruit from as early as July and lasting you through the summer and into autumn. Sweet pepper Diablo F1Diablo provides long pointed fruits that typically mature at around 16cm in length,so you can enjoy the thick flesh on every super smooth pepper and has a satisfying crunch. Diablo are also great for stuffing with cheese and using to give depth of flavour to soups and stews.

Being an F1 hybrid variety is it naturally vigorous growing and producing flowers and fruit readily. With 10 seeds in every packet you can enjoy total harvests to around 100 in number. This plant has an erect habit with medium spacing to internodes. This variety won an RHS Award of Garden Merit in 2005.

Sow seeds as early as February for July harvests and through the spring to give you plants ready to harvest through the summer. We recommend if sowing in February you keep the ambient temperature to at least 15%C (60%F) and keep seedlings away from cold draughts which can really set them back.

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