Sweet pepper Gogorez F1 seeds

There are 6 Gogorez sweet pepper seeds per packet.


With F1 generation hybrid vigour, the sweet pepper Gogorez is strong from the start, as a young seedling and developing into adult free-fruiting plants. Climbing to 100cm (just over 3'), every plant is tall and slim meaning you get lots of sweet peppers in the smallest of spaces.


Sweet pepper GogorezGogorez provide you with large, sweet peppers with thick, fleshy walls and are like beefsteak tomatoes in appearance they are perfect for salads, roasting or stuffing with aromatic rice and spices.

The jumbo-sized peppers have thick flesh so don't collapse when you roast them whole or baked them stuffed.

We recommend you sow thinly 2cm (3/4in) deep in clean trays or individual modules filled with moist, firm compost. Place in warmth of 16%C (61%F) until transplanting. At transplanting in May to June we suggest you place one plant for every 30cm (12in) pot and put up some cane supports for your pepper plants to fruit heavily.

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