Sweet Pepper Seeds, Cabeneros F1 Hybrid


The sweet pepper Cabeneros F1 hybrid is a variety which produces the largest sweet block-type fruit, and it is ideal for growing in the greenhouse for impressive crops to raise the eyebrows of your neighbours. There are 6 Cabeneros seeds in every packet.

Cabeneros pepper - 6 seeds per packetJust plant indoors in a position that enjoys full sun throughout the summer and you'll be rewarded with these gigantic green- and red-toned peppers in mid - to late summer.

Sow February to April, protecting seedlings with some cover if sowing in the winter. This variety is a climber that requires support. You can tip the plants out, to promote more branching and fruiting or you can keep untipped for taller plants producing fewer yet larger fruits.

Eat raw or cooked in sauces, or indeed enjoy these giants as stuffed peppers. Perfect.

Sow mid January - mid April

Harvest mid June to mid October

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