Sweet pepper Ace F1 hybridSweet pepper Ace F1 hybrid seeds 21 seeds per packet


The Ace sweet pepper is a vigorous F1 variety with large bell peppers you can harvest while green or allow to mature to a deep red where they are perfect sliced raw and added to salads or a vibrant garnish. These are just like the ones you see in the supermarket but yours will be 100% fresh! Not only that but each packet you order contains 21 Ace seeds.

Grow indoors or outdoors in full sun, wherever you have space in the greenhouse or on your patio- that's just how versatile sweet pepper Ace is to grow. Being an F1 hybrid variety you can rely on good, fast growth and lots of attractive fruit. Bred to fruit particularly well in greenhouses and windowsills at home.

We recommend you sow and raise pepper plants like you would tomatoes giving them a regular and consistent watering plan and feeding with a high-potash liquid fertiliser like Gro-Sure Seaweed-Enriched Tomato Food.

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