Aubergine Seeds

Sow indoors, January-March, in trays of seed compost. Keep moist and warm, 20-25%C (68-78%F).


When the seedlings have developed 2-4 leaves, transplant to individual 7.5cm (3?) pots. Maintain a temperature of approx. 18%C (65%F).


Transplant to large pots or borders in the greenhouse or cold frame. Allow 40cm (15") between plants. Keep soil moist, particularly when fruits are forming and feed regularly with liquid fertilizer. Harvest: July onwards.

Aubergine Black Beauty:
a favourite in
Mediterranean cooking
Best grown in a
greenhouse or
polytunnel. Good source
of dietaryfibre - approx
150 seeds per packet


Aubergine Moneymaker:
An outstanding, heavy
yielding and tasty variety,
which is well suited to
cool greenhouses in the
British climate. Around 50
seeds per packet