Some ideas for small gardens

Not all of us have or want a large garden because combining the graft needed to keep it in good condition, as well as working full time, can easily become too much to handle. On the other hand you may need something larger than the postage stamp size gardens that come with new houses these days.

Trough to fill with flowers
Trough or animal feeder

If you have something like this trough (pic below) which was originally an animal feeder in the early 1900's/late 1800's then you can fill it with flowers and make it look wonderful.

We can help you with some sensible and cost effective ideas for small gardens. If you have any pieces of wood you could make a feature which will attract insects and birds.

Off cut wood makes a nice feature
Pieces of offcut wood are great for small gardens

We think that you can?t go wrong by introducing some vegetables into your plot, and some of these such as Runner Beans offer a multitude of flowers which the bees so love, and if grown in a line can make a superb 3 or 4 month screen. And then of course you have all those lovely beans to look forward to.

Offcut wood with plants
Wood offcuts make excellent garden features

On another tack entirely you may wish to make your garden into a ?one off? haven which, when done can be left as it is and enjoyed for years without touching it again  - apart from a little mowing perhaps. In that case we suggest laying down some slabs to accommodate your garden furniture.

The garden in the photo is an ideal demonstration of what can be achieved with a small front garden as you can see that the owners have planted small but long living bushes which reduce their gardening workload to virtually zero.