Raised garden beds in brick and wood

Having raised garden beds offers huge advantages over just planting at the normal soil level as you can work at a more "back friendly" level with much deeper soil, and having deeper soil means you can plant your crops nearer together because they won't be competing for growing space.

Raised bed garden using railway sleepers
Wooden raised bed using railway sleepers

Old railway sleepers make superb raised beds - if you can get hold of them at a reasonable price, and we have noticed that some DIY stores sell pseudo sleepers but they are in softwood and most certainly won't last as long as the sleepers.Of course you can do this more cheaply by popping into your local timber merchant and buying some 6" or 9" wooden planks - ask for some damaged ones or offcuts for the smaller ends and you could end up with a bargain.

Brick built raised garden bed
Brick built raised bed


I built my raised garden beds (plural) from brick and they will see out my lifetime and that of the next inhabitant here too. I did that because I was unable to get hold of enough sleepers when I wanted them, but I don't regret making them in brick because I can and have been able to make the beds higher.


Raised garden beds allow you to plant far closer together than you would normally do as there is far more space for the roots to grow downwards which means that they are not competing for growing space under the soil as they would be ion a normal plot.