An inexpensive DIY garden watering system especially useful for plants with deep roots

This is a DIY idea of mine which I?d like to share with anyone who may be interested. I grow lots and lots of runner beans and some years there is a problem with getting water and nutrients down to the roots.

My DIY Idea for watering
plants with deep roots
DIY garden watering system

Normally watering from the top will suffice but unless we have a fair amount of rain as well then that water only wets the top few inches whereas the roots extend downwards at least 12 inches. This idea solves that problem as all you have to do is to fill the empty coke bottle and you can get water to 2 plants at once where it matters ? at root level.

Simply dig this in this between 2 plants and water as needed.


What to do


I have used normal 22 mil plastic overflow pipe (length to suit you) and have joined it to a plastic T piece, adding another short piece of pipe each side of the T. Cut the bottom off an empty 2 litre bottle of Coke/pop/anything, and push the vertical pipe into the bottle neck.


Drill holes in the vertical and side pipes.


Bury the whole contraption at root level (say 9 or 10 inches deep) between 2 deep rooted plants as you plant them out & water during the season as necessary.