Garden Decking Ideas

Garden decking can turn your garden from what it is now into a wonderful relaxation area for32mm x 125mm arbordeck decking board you, your friends and family, and a designed and constructed deck can be a beautiful extension of your home during the warmer months which can add value to your property overnight. It can also be a cheaper alternative to a functional surface when your garden is on a slope, a deck is much cheaper than trying to level out for a patio.

There are endless possibilities and ideas when it comes to garden decking: plan your deck using a simple single level design, or a more complex construction using steps, or on multi-levels and surrounded by balustrade. When planning to construct garden decking many people start by looking at the appearance of the hardwood or softwood decking boards that will cover the timber frame. AVS decking boards can be easily maintained to retain a rich natural wood colour or allowed to grey and age naturally, which would suit a period property.Smooth and grooved economy deck board

So if you want to surround your home with decking or create an island at the end of your garden, the superior materials from AVS will ensure you have a deck to be proud of.

The great thing about garden decking is that there are so many designs, layout possibilities and wood finishes, you can really use your imaginative ideas to put your own stamp on it.

AVS softwood decking boards come in several styles and thickness's, all machine finished and ready to use on both sides. There are several varieties of finish such as reeded, grooved or smooth. Some of the boards have a different pattern of finish on each face, the popular AVS deckboard has only one and is reeded on both sides. The benefit of this is that if there is a blemish on one side you can simply use the other side and the board need not be wasted. The deck boards we stock are all made from slow grown timber from colder climates, meaning the boards are extremely dense and strong.3.6 m smooth and grooved reversible deck board

AVS standard hardwood decking board is made from Balau; a foreign wood often used for decking due to it being stable when exposed to damp and sunlight. Hardwood is significantly more expensive than softwood decking boards, but in terms of the length of time taken to grow this particular wood and its longevity, we believe it represents excellent value for money. We do not currently hold stock of hardwood decking boards, but can supply to order, so please get in touch with our sales team to find out more.

How the decking works with existing ground levels and neighbouring properties will be important and you should consider the position of the deck in relation to how the sun lands in your garden. This is why it is worth considering if your timber decking should be joined to your house to form a natural and seamless extension to your living area, or situated at the bottom of your garden to pick up the sunlight. Take your time to sketch out some plans for your decking and perhaps try marking out the area with string to get a good feel for the shape of the area you are about to create.