Ideas for the front garden

A front garden should be the most eye catching piece of land that you own because in most cases it can be seen by anyone who passes by and, like it or like it not it gives an insight into the way you live. Most of us look out on to our front gardens, as do our neighbours, so it is in our own interests to make them look good.


Neighbour's front garden
Neighbour's front garden idea

 That sounds snobby but is not meant to be so, though if this all important plot is neat, tidy and generally well tended it automatically gives the viewer the impression that the whole property will be similarly looked after. On the other hand, if your front garden is a mess??


One or two ideas for your front garden then:-

Whatever the size of your front garden, you can create that perfect first impression to visitors to your home A well designed front garden will add value to your home and that all-important ?kerb appeal? ? essential if you are planning to sell your house. Front driveways can be softened by planting to create a welcoming entrance to your home. Also, when photographed from a certain angle it makes the property appear larger than it really is.

At present we are de-mossing the front lawn but in the hedge we have some large pieces of pine wood. I stripped off the bark some years ago and they quickly took on a lovely silvery appearance. Cost?  Nothing but my time in cutting and stripping the wood which came from a fallen tree in the rear garden.

Wood feature in front garden

Garden wood feature for front garden