Gardening on a budget using whatever you have available

Animal feeder picked up at a car boot sale

- ideal as a planter

Feeder used as a planter

Easy and inexpensive budget garden design using old sinks or things like this old Edwardian animal feeder which we picked up at a car boot sale for pennies can make economical and eye-catching plant containers.


Old ceramic drain cover

Ceramic drain cover

Piece of wood

Offcut wood for a real budget idea

Old chimney pot

Old chimney pot

It's surprising what can be picked up for virtually nothing, like this piece of old wood and this ceramic drain cover which are ideal for a small garden.

None of these things cost more than a few pounds but if they are filled with flowers and sited well in your garden they will bring out the best in it.


The piece of wood in the photo was just one of many we saved when cutting down some pine trees. Wood like this when the bark has been stripped off changes colour to eventually give a silvery effect which will make your garden a talking point in the neighbourhood.

To save money and get some garden ideas on a budget you can use pretty much anything by making plant containers using wellingtons, pram, watering cans and old wheel barrows, but when it comes to buying plants we recommend that you do your homework as prices vary enormously.


Supermarkets and out-of-town nurseries are generally much cheaper than city garden centres. You can also get fantastic bargains at markets, local fetes, jumble sales and car boot sales.

Most perennials can be divided in autumn, instantly doubling your plant stocks. By taking leaf or root cuttings and planting them correctly, you can increase your plant collection for free. If you like one of your neighbour's plants, ask for a cutting or two ? most gardeners love to share so you could come home with a bag full.