Growing vegetables in your garden or allotment

I started growing vegetables for purely therapeutic reasons because as a bipolar sufferer it helps to de-stress me, calm me down and give me some exercise whilst at the same time enabling me to provide fresh food for the table.

I have never really considered the cost angle of growing my own but have a sneaking suspicion that growing vegetables the way I do it is not as cheap as buying the same thing from your local supermarket.

However, I know precisely what has gone into producing my veg and you will soon become aware of that too.  Think about this: What sort of taste do you get from eating a supermarket/shop bought carrot? Probably very little and my family only use those to provide colour on the plate when our own stock has run out, but a home grown carrot from your own garden is like eating a little bit of heaven!

The taste is far, far superior and the smell of your fresh veg is wonderful too.

There is nothing magical about growing your own vegetables: it is far easier than you may think, and in this section about Grow Your Own we have tried to cover as many veg as you will have to contend with, though if we have missed anything out about which you need some information then please write to us at and you will receive a swift reply.