Growing Orange Wonder Chillies

Maybe I can be a tad dippy at times but I put that down to my age (nearly 70) and a lifetime of married hassle. Don't get me wrong: we have had 10 years of married bliss which isn't too bad out of 45 is it?

Orange Wonder chillies
Orange Wonder Chillies


Just kidding really as I am trying to find a good excuse as to why my Orange Wonders have turned out to be large and red instead of small and orange because it most definitely said they were Orange Wonder on the packet.  


However, I will give you the spec on these and if anyone out there can identify them I will be eternally grateful.


This is a bushy plant around 30 cms (1 foot) tall and about the same across at the top. You start them off from seed as you would with any chilli and I put mine into an 8 inch pot as soon as possibe where it is now growing in our conservatory.


The fruits started out green and then turned orange, and to be quite honest I thought that was it but I left them on the plant while other fruit caught up with the "ripe" ones and was rather astonished when they started to turn red.


To help with any identification let me say that the ripe fruit is about 4 inches in length and quite soft.

Please contact if you have any idea what these are.