Growing Naga Jolokia Chillies


Having grown several different varieties of chillies at home from seed I thought that this year (2015) would be a good time to go for something really hot, the Big Beast so to speak, so I chose the Norfolk Naga, offilially the Naga Jolokia, which supposedly has a count of around the 1 million mark on the Scoville Heat Scale or SHU

Norfolk Naga or Naga Jolokia


This extremely hot pepper produces pale lime green chillies which later turning to an orangey red colour. We must stress that these need to be treated with respect, used sparingly and with care because these seeds are HOT.


Chilli Naga Jolokia needs a long growing season so it best grown under glass, and sown early to ensure sufficient time for the fruits to ripen.


I had heard that these are notoriously difficult to germinate and, with the seeds being so expensive at around £3.99 for 6, I decided to purchase 3 plug plants for about £6 in January this year.


OK, I cheated but I cheated mainly to save time as if the seeds had not germinated (2 to 3 weeks) I would be struggling to get any more established in time for them to reach maturity this year.


Well I gave one plant to a chemist friend and grew on the other two in a well insulated greenhouse and they have been, and still are highly prolific, in fact, they appear to be more prolific than any other chilli variety I have grown in the past.


All this is a hobby for me as I give away chilli plants and their fruits free of charge to family and friends because my wife wonít use any hot chillies at all whereas our son & daughter in law canít get enough of them.


What else can I say about the Norfolk Naga? Well they are probably the ugliest fruit I have ever seen but as they are so prolific I shall have literally masses of them to use for seeds for the start of the 2016 season.


At around 40 cms the mature plants are a tad taller than I was led to believe but as they are in the greenhouse it doesn't matter.


NB Please beware that the seeds within the Naga chillies are very, very hot indeed so please, please wear plastic gloves when handling them or cooking with them.