Machu Pichu chilli seeds and plants - 10 seeds per packet


The rare Machu Pichu chillies give a medium heat, brown fruits which have a smoky flavour, and when fully grown reach around 80 to 90 cms (nearly feet). This height makes them an ideal indoor plant and as these chillies are quite prolific you can pick one or two without going down the garden. 


Indeed, the Machu Pichu grows and crops far better for being inside in the UK than it does from being grown outside. However, the summer of 2018 made a liar out of me as it was so hot, but in general the Machu Pichu chilli plantUK climate is not conducive to growing any type of chilli outside.


Like all chillies they fare far better in the largest pot you have, and they don't need insects to pollinate them though they never say no to bees or hover flies which help the plants out when they can.

As you can see in this photo, the fruits are initially green and turn brown when ripe. The fruits develop in large numbers through the summer and into autumn, and one year we were still picking in the run up to Christmas.


Machu Pichu chillies are early and prolific croppers so you should be able to pick ripe fruits from July onwards.

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